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The Best Sales Tip I Received

When I was very young and starting in sales, I had the wonderful experience of being mentored by a pro. My first manager Emilie, whom I absolutely adored, was an amazing salesperson and teacher. Her clients all loved her; on her birthday her office was filled with flowers, candies and gifts. But most importantly, she was an amazing trainer. 

My first year in sales, I was trying everything to get new business. During a weekly check in with Emilie I explained that I was having a tough time finding out where to focus my efforts. Here is what she said:

There are 3 types of great sales agents. First, there are the agents who market, buy ads and then wait for business to come to them. Second, you have the agents that go knock on doors and make phone calls, these agents go out and find business. Third, you have the agents that buy their business – they donate money to charity, buy lavish gifts and pick up the tab for lunch. Now which type of agent do you want to be? The answers is … You want to be all three. 

There were lots of other great training sessions that followed, but this one stuck with me throughout my career and into other endeavors. You want to be all three. :)

What was your best sales tip? Please share it below and if we love it – we’ll send you some schwag.


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