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Auto Follow-Ups

This article will show you how to use Auto Follow-Ups to double your response rate.

Non-Gmail Users (Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)

This article will show non-Gmail users how to set email reminders.

Open Tracking & Link Click Tracking

Learn more about how to track your emails.

Reminders (Follow-ups)

This article will walk you through the basics and show how to set and manage reminders.

Send Later

This feature allows you send your email at a later time.

Calendar Setup

Here you will be able to know how to integrate with your favourite Calendar.

Follow-up on Webpages

Learn how to bookmark your favourite web page for a later reading.

Chrome Extension

Learn more about our powerful and useful feature for Gmail users.

Mobile Apps

Feel free to download our app for mobile phones.

Using Integrations


Learn more about how to integrate with Salesforce.

Google Drive

Learn how to integrate with your Google Drive account.


Here you'll find all information on how to integrate your account with Evernote.

IFTTT Integration

Learn more about how to connect IFTTT with your account.

Zapier & other API Integrations

Learn how to set "Zaps" and other API integrations.