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Letter From Chris Keller, Founder

When I created over 7 years ago, I had no idea that a fun side project would turn into an innovative email productivity tool.  It has been incredible to see FollowUp grow and become a habit in so many people’s daily lives.

My vision has always been that email isn’t complete without FollowUp.  Late last year, I met an incredible team who shared that vision and now we’re both excited to announce that has been acquired by Argon Technologies!  The Argon team is a talented business & development group in Santa Barbara, California who have worked together for many years on other startups and are ready to take FollowUp to the next level.  The most important criteria for me in having Argon take over is that they really believe in the product, can build out the longer term vision for the service and also provide the level of customer support that FollowUp’s users have grown accustom to receiving.  

Most of you have already seen this come to life with the launch of 2.0, a fully rebuilt service that is a stronger platform going forward.  While I will no longer be involved in day to day operations, I’m going to stay on board as an advisor and help ensure FollowUp continues to be the best at what it does.

This acquisition on the New Year marks exactly 3 years since officially becoming a business.  I left an amazing job working for @dharmesh at HubSpot because I believed in FollowUp and knew it was time to focus on it full time.  Over the years, I have interacted with so many customers (many of whom have been users since day 1), developed friendships along the way and continually improved the product based on your input. In addition, wiser words could not be said whereby if you’re an obsessed user of your own product, you’re going to make it the best it can be.

So with that said, I want to say Thank You.  Thank you to my friends who encouraged me to turn this into a business because they said they would gladly pay for it (and they did for all these years), thank you to my family who supported my decisions along the way, the folks who gave me advice when needed and certainly to our users & customers that enabled the service to thrive.  

I hope I made your inbox better and you more productive.  Maybe I’ll do it again.  And in the meantime, you can look forward to many wonderful things from the and the Argon team.

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