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Last Week’s Delayed Reminders

Our goal at FollowUp is to make our users more productive through email management. Our entire service is based on getting emails to our users when they need them – this is always our focus. This past week, we were unable to perform this task and our entire staff is very sorry.

What happened?
A small bug in our system silently began creating a reminder “traffic jam,” this caused our system to slow down more and more until emails were essentially stuck – some reminders were a few minutes late and others were hours late. This is not acceptable and we have taken steps to ensure this type of situation does not happen again in the future.

What are we doing?
Yesterday we updated our system to create separate “workers” for each area of the software. With this update, a small issue will not be able to silently suck resources from other areas of the code. We have also put in place internal and external monitoring systems to alert us and users in the event of a slowdown – so this type of issue will not be able to work silently.

How can users stay updated?
While we posted updates on the website, several users pointed out the need to receive an email update when there is an issue like this. We know that you depend upon emails coming to you on time and shouldn’t have to check our website to see if they are coming. Today we put in place a status-monitoring page that users can subscribe to. If you would like to receive email or SMS updates in the event of an outage, please subscribe at 

I want to let all FollowUp users know that our entire team is dedicated to ensuring your email is up and running properly. We are committed to doing better every day. If you have any questions, you can always email me directly at Thank you for your support.


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