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Grow Your List of Email Subscribers in 2019

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As the owner of an e-commerce business, one of the most powerful tools you have is your email subscription list. Have you been neglecting your list? You can take steps this year to attract new subscribers and build a robust community around your email marketing. Once you have a solid list in place, you can convert your subscribers into loyal customers.

Personally reach out to your contacts.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply add all your contacts to your email list because those people may or may not want to receive your email marketing. Instead, you can reach out to each contact directly and ask him or her to join your list.

When approaching your contacts, focus on the benefits of opting in to your email marketing, which can include access to exclusive information, discounts, announcements about new products, and more. Reaching out to your contacts can also be a great way to follow up or to rekindle a sales relationship that has grown stale.

Build a high-converting form on your website.

Do you currently have an email signup form on your website? If you’re struggling to build your list, your form may need to be revised. The trick to developing a high-converting form is to develop something that captures your site visitors’ interest and attention without distracting too much from other content on your website.

Did you know that you can test multiple forms to see which version is performing better? Thanks to A/B testing, you can test headlines, design, copy, and call to action. Consult your web developer for more ideas about how you can take advantage of A/B testing.

Take advantage of in-person events.

Just because you run a business online doesn’t mean you can’t ask people face-to-face to sign up for your email marketing. Do you ever host pop-up events, attend trade shows, or go to networking events? Bring a sheet of paper with you for email signups. You may even want to consider carrying this sheet with you wherever you go, since you never know when you may end up speaking to a potential customer. Later, you can manually add these people to your email marketing list.

Now that you have a robust email marketing list, you can start thinking of exciting new strategies for reaching out to your subscribers. Make sure to value their time and attention and provide them with interesting content on a regular basis – without spamming them.

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