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FollowUp Labs: Snooze Reminders in Emails


Snoozing email is a key function of’s system. Our users depend on this feature to easily push tasks off for a few hours or a few days. Over the years we have refined the snooze bar and add several options for users, but can we make it better?. Our development team has been revisiting the snooze bar and we want your feedback.


What does the snooze bar do? When you receive a reminder email from, you can use the snooze buttons to quickly set that tasks aside for a set amount of time, when you need the email again – it reappears at the top of your inbox.

In February, we updated the snooze bar based on client interviews to be much more compact – but many of our users quickly let us know that this revision was not what they wanted. So we reverted to the current version.


This time we are exploring color variations and discussing the features users want to see and how to best integrate them, without losing any of the current functionality everyone loves.

What snooze feature do you love? Is it perfect the way it is or what would you like to see changed?

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