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Emily Cavalier: NY Event Producer and Fan


We love hearing from our fans about how helps them keep on top of business. Recently we caught up with incredible event stategist and all around busy lady, Emily Cavalier to ask her about her growing business and the tools she loves. If you don’t know Emily, she is the founder of Midnight Brunch, an incredible rogue dinner party; and VP/Partner at Digital DUMBO. Here is what Emily had to share.

Hometown: Boston

First car: An old, gold Chevy sedan

Favorite place to eat late night: Home

Best cocktail in town: any martinez at Clover Club

I can’t resist: Peanut butter and chocolate

You have a few businesses you are juggling, tell us about Midnight Brunch?

Midnight Brunch is what it sounds like, a wild party in the middle of the night. We focus on ethnic food and craft cocktails made with small-batch and (usually) local spirits. I work with large corporate sponsors sometimes on custom editions of the event. My other business is Digital DUMBO. We’re a media company cum global community with 16K members in five cities. We produce close to 50 events a year to unify and educate digital and tech professionals all over the world. 


photo credit: Clay Williams

How long have you been doing this? How did you get started?

Midnight Brunch started three years ago, and Digital DUMBO started five years ago. Both started organically and became businesses by accident. 

Any tips you want to pass on to someone starting a business?

You have to love what you’re building so much that you’ll still want to do it when things get really impossible and when you’re broke – and both of these things will happen. Try to have 3 yrs of savings in the bank when you go full-time on your project, or plan to keep working while you build it to profitability. Finally, I’ll share what my last boss told me: Have a great accountant and a great lawyer.  

Any tools that you have found helpful?

Obviously, is essential. Beyond that, I use Action Method notebooks, Trello for larger project management needs and Evernote to capture and store everything from cocktail ideas to call notes with major corporate sponsors. I also use RescueTime to track my productivity and to block out distracting websites on days when I might be having a hard time staying focused. 

Tell us how you use in your business day?

I use it primarily to follow up with potential clients in my sales cycle, to manage existing client campaigns and also to make sure internal team tasks aren’t falling through the cracks. I also use it when I get a personal email or see a cool event in the middle of my business day and want to get it out of my inbox/head until later. 

If you want an invitation to Midnight Bruch check out the website

Share your love of Emily in the comment section below. I’m sure she would love to hear from you. :)

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