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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Clients

The holidays are quickly approaching, and the festive winter season will be here before you know it. Have you thought about shopping for corporate gifts for your clients? If you don’t start planning now, the time may quickly slip between your fingers, and you’ll be left scrambling to find a gift at the 11th hour, when inventory may be low and shipping is the most expensive.

Save yourself the stress by choosing your client gifts now. Instead of sending another fruit basket, you may want to try gifting something unique and memorable that your clients will actually appreciate and enjoy.

In this article, we share some of our top picks for out-of-the-box corporate gifts.

A Useful Tech Gadget

In today’s fast-paced digital world, everyone needs their staple tech gadgets like phone chargers and headphones. But what if you could give your clients cool, customized gadgets that will make them remember you?

Branded tech Gifts

Did you know that you can brand these items with your logo or even choose items that are already available in your brand colors? It’s true. Places like Geek Tech Branding or EPromos can create items like Bluetooth earbuds, portable power banks, pop sockets, wireless mice, and smart home devices all emblazoned with logos or colors of your choosing.

Then, you can gift these items to your clients, and they’ll always associate your brand with usefulness and thoughtfulness.

Helping a Client Unplug

But what if your client isn’t tech-savvy, or is actively trying to reduce the amount of tech in their life? It’s not as uncommon as you might think — many people are trying to unplug from their smartphones. There’s even research that says our smart phones may be making us dumber! If your client often complains about their phone or tech, whether they’re older clients or just trying to simplify, consider giving them something like an Alcatel Flip.

These full-featured smart flip phones allow you to do things like send emails, browse the internet, and obviously make calls and text, but don’t have all the tethers of a standard smart phone. They’re pretty shock-resistant, too, and hardy because of their relative simplicity. This makes them a great corporate gift idea for clients working in construction or other high-risk areas.

Online Classes

Would your client benefit from learning a specific skill? You may want to give him or her a gift certificate to an online learning platform like LinkedIn Learning, Bluprint, General Assembly, or Udemy.

And these classes could be work-related or simply an interest you’ve learned during your chats with the client. These online learning platforms have classes all across the spectrum. You may want to gift them fun classes like Photography, Speed Reading, Reiki, Mindfulness, Tarot Card Reading, or Aromatherapy.

If your customer is more work-focused, a great corporate gift idea might be classes in Google Adwords, Financial Analysis, Banking, Stock Trading, SQL, or Java Programming.

Many people don’t think to buy themselves a class that can teach them something new, but the knowledge will benefit them forever.

Tech Subscriptions

Does your client need a paid subscription to a tech service like Spotify, Whatfix, or FollowUp?

Some people put off signing up for a subscription because they’re not sure if they want to make the commitment. However, if you buy the subscription for your client, he or she will reap the benefits immediately and wonder, “Why did I put that off for so long?”

A Whatfix or FollowUp subscription could help your client improve their onboarding process, which not only saves them time but can even improve their workers’ efficiency and help stem turnover.

Of course, not all subscriptions have to be business-related. Sending a free Disney+ subscription to all of your clients is relatively low cost for you, but could have a major impact on your relationship. A Spotify or Amazon Music subscription can have psychological benefits on stressed clients and even reduce their blood pressure.

Sweet Delivery from a Bakery

Do you have a client with a sweet tooth? Would he or she appreciate some fresh-baked cookies, cake, or brownies? Consider calling a bakery in your client’s area to see if they will deliver some fresh-baked treats. Or, you can order treats online at stores like Insomnia Cookies, Cheryl’s, Harry & David, and Junior’s.

It may not be as healthy as a fruit basket, but let’s be honest: it’s much more fun.

For an extra special touch, consider personalizing your baked goods with a message written in icing. If you want to take your sweet treat gift to the next level, add some locally roasted coffee beans or gourmet hot chocolate mix to complement the baked goods.

Corporate Gift Ideas Aren’t Just for the Holidays

Gift-giving shouldn’t only be on your mind during the holidays — like giving flowers to your significant other, sometimes a “just because” gift can go a long way.

Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it and make your client feel like you’re desperate (or that you’re trying to make up for a mistake), but remembering a birthday, significant anniversary, or a big moment in their lives can never go amiss.

And lastly, the only really important part of client gift-giving is keep it personal. If you’re giving a gift to an accountant, consider useful office gifts that make their work life easier. If your client loves to cook, consider a set of quality knives or an appliance you know they’re missing.

If you’ve got a 3D printer, you can literally make the exact gift to fit their personality and needs.

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