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AppSumo Superstar Anton Sepetov Recommends

AppSumo recently hosted a promotion for – are you one of our AppSumo users? If so, welcome to the system!

Anton, who runs Sales and Business Development at AppSumo, was great enough to write a featured blog article about us, seamlessly explaining how simple it is to use

Email is critical to being successful in business.
However, most people suck at it. I did too for a long time.

Then I started using, the easiest way to stay on top of all of your email conversations.

Here’s a real-life example from my personal inbox that shows how useful it is:

So I’m trying to close a big deal for AppSumo. I get this email from a potential partner …

Get a lifetime of for only $25

Not really what I want to hear but this is exactly why following up is so important.

I email back and use my trusty friend in the BCC field:

Get a lifetime of for only $25

By BCC’ing, I’ll get a reminder at the top of my inbox on July 10th to follow-up:

Get a lifetime of for only $25

With so many damn emails, I probably would have forgotten to follow-up with this important partner. But with, I always follow-up and by doing so, I am way more productive and successful.

You can set your follow-up reminder for any time period. Get reminded in 10 minutes, in a couple hours, in a week, or months away. isn’t just for sales. It’s also amazing for:

  • Following up with an important client after a big meeting (Great talking with you John! I’ll email you an invoice tomorrow.)
  • Checking-in with customers to make sure they’re happy (Hey Chris, Hope you’re enjoying my product. I’ll check-in with you next week and see how you’re doing.)
  • Setting reminders for yourself (Buy wife anniversary present next week.)

Here’s what Andrew Warner and Chief Sumo Noah Kagan have said about

Get a lifetime of for only $25 Get a lifetime of for only $25

Helpful, huh? AppSumo is a website used by millions of people – entrepreneurs, business owners, techies, and much more – to help sell courses and tools for you to jumpstart your business. For more information on how you can use AppSumo for your business, contact Anton. For questions about how to use, email us at!

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