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3 Tips for Remembering to Take Medication

Whenever I pick up a prescription I cringe because I know the minute they put those little pills in my hand, I am going to forget about them. Over the years, I have come up with 3 tips for remembering to take my meds. Here they are:

1) Leave the bottle out. I usually put my medication right by the kitchen sink. I know at some point during the day I will be doing dishes and the bottle will get my attention. If you don’t like looking at a plastic bottle, buy a nice looking pillbox. There seems to be lots of options online for these.

2) Combine an activity. Every day when you get up, take your medication with your coffee or before your run. If you combine a routine activity with taking medication, you will be less likely to forget it. 

3) Set a reminder in a calendar or through It’s easy to send a message to yourself every day to remember to take medication. Here is the format for putting one together. 

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