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5 Essential Tips for Driving More Web Traffic Conversions

Metrics to support web traffic conversions

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As the owner of an ecommerce business, you may have already mastered search engine optimization (SEO) and given thought to your web-traffic conversions. Perhaps you’re attracting many more potential customers to your website, but you’re having trouble getting them to buy your products. You’re not converting all of those new visitors.

Why do they leave your site? Why aren’t they clicking “buy”? In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the best tips for converting your website traffic to sales.

1. Test Different Calls to Action

If you’re working with a digital marketing consultant or web developer, you’ll want to ask that person if he or she can A/B test more than one call to action (CTA) for your site.

CTA example to support web traffic conversions

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That means people who visit your site will be randomly served different CTAs, and you can gain insight into which ones are most effective for transforming your website visitors into customers.

2. Post More User-Generated Content

Savvy customers know that you’ll say anything to get the sale. But when reviews, testimonials and other content (such as videos and images of experience with your product or service) come from other satisfied customers, prospects on the fence will be more likely to click “buy.” Make sure you’re doing everything you can to source those types of user-generated content. You may also want to invite your customers to submit photos and videos of themselves using your products or services.

3. Add Chat Tools to Your Website

Thanks to AI technology, many new chat tools exist, and a small-business owner can use them to improve customer service offerings. If your prospective customers are leaving your website, they may be feeling confused or overwhelmed. However, a chatbot can help them feel welcome and answer any questions they may have.

4. Leverage Your Email Marketing Strategy

Are you already using email marketing as part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy? If so, you’ll also want to consider email-marketing automation, which would make it easy for you to keep up with your customers automatically. Did someone abandon a shopping cart? Email automation would enable you to send that customer a reminder that they still have items in their cart.

5. Check Your Website Analytics

If you don’t understand how to read your website analytics, work with someone who does, because your data can help you better understand how customers are entering and exiting your site. If they’re only spending a short amount of time on a specific page, then you may want to take extra steps to optimize that page and make it more interesting, with compelling calls to action.

With a tool like Hotjar, you can be sure that you’re optimizing your site to drive conversions. Again, you don’t want just online visitors — you want customers.

Increasing Your Web Traffic Conversions Requires Action

Unfortunately, you can’t just build a great website with creative and valuable content and expect sales to increase on their own. You need to continually stay attuned to what your website visitors are clicking on, commenting on, and otherwise engaging with.

Once you figure out what works, double down! The extra effort will pay off.

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