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This Day of the Week is When Employees Are Most Productive (Plus 4 Productivity Tools)

This Day of the Week is When Employees Are Most Productive (Plus 4 Productivity Tools)

Many factors come into play when talking about productivity: your work environment, office distractions, how much sleep you’ve gotten and even the day of the week.

According to interesting research from Accountemps, since 1987, Tuesday has been the most productive day of the week for employees, while Friday comes in as the least productive.

Check out the below Slideshare for more productivity findings:

According to this research, we should tackle our biggest projects that require the most cognitive energy early in the week, and save any smaller or tedious tasks for later in the week.

The study also found that between 4 and 6 p.m., most employees have already “checked out.” Plan your day around this afternoon slump by scheduling important meetings and projects for earlier in the day. Leave the more mundane tasks like filling out reports or replying to emails for late in the day.

4 Tools to Help You Be Productive Every Day of the Week

In addition to this powerful knowledge, try these 4 tools to help supplement your productivity:

Asana: Asana is an amazing (and beautifully made) productivity tool to help teams stay on the same page at all times. This project management tool will save your team precious time by eliminating unnecessary meetings and serving as a central hub for all tasks.

Toggl: An insanely simple timer to help you block off time for important tasks, remind yourself to take breaks and track where you spend your time the most. There’s been plenty of research to suggest that we work best in blocks of time with regular breaks in between (Buffer, HBR, Fast Company). Use a tool like Toggl to schedule these time blocks and reach maximum productivity.

Calendly: Scheduling meetings or calls can be one of the most tedious tasks for employees, usually taking numerous emails to get a time/date that works for all parties. Calendly is a simple tool that lets you schedule meetings in one click, avoiding the game of “email tag” by setting and sharing out your availability in a well-designed interface. Okay, we’re a little biased. But is an amazing way to be more efficient any day of the week. Snooze low-priority emails until a later time so you can focus on the task at hand. Schedule emails to be sent at the optimal time. Send yourself a reminder for a task to show up in your inbox at the time that’s best for you. Send and email and let us handle the follow up. The possibilities are endless! #GetProductive

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