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How to Boost Your Sales Language

Developing sales language

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If you’ve been looking for new ways to engage your customers, then you may want to consider revising and improving your sales language. Your sales reps must communicate the same information over and over without sounding stale, and by empowering your team members with new language, you can inspire and motivate them.

In this article, we provide some tips for helping you to improve your sales language and start boosting your revenue.

Encourage Customization

While you may offer a script for your sales team, you also don’t want to micromanage how each individual uses it throughout the sales process. Remind your team members that they should feel comfortable enough to customize the script to match their own sales style. Not everyone has the same manner of speaking, and you may even be inspired to change and update your sales script based on how you hear your team members customizing it.

Certain CRM tools can also encourage sales representatives to reach out in an efficient but personalized manner — whether through emails, sales calls, or other channels. Consider investing in new ones if yours don’t facilitate this critical aspect of the process.

Don’t Try to Be Something That You’re Not

You may feel tempted to update your sales language based on language you saw online or that you heard your competitors using. However, you should always remember that your language should embody and reflect your brand. If you’re not using language that supports your values and mission, then no amount of sophisticated sentences will matter.

Consult With Happy Customers to Refine Your Sales Language

Sales communications

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If you feel stuck and can’t seem to come up with the right sales language, you may want to consult with your past customers. Touch base with your happy customers and ask them how they would speak about you. Why did they like working with you? What sets you apart? Why should a prospect choose you over the competition? Their answers may surprise you and give you insights that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Drop the Jargon

You may be under the false illusion that you need to use complex jargon to impress your customers. Or, you could be feeling so close to your products and/or services that you don’t realize that other people don’t understand the language you’re using to describe them. Instead, try simplifying your descriptions and using more “everyday” words to describe what you have to offer to your customers. To be successful, the language of sales must be relatable.

AdEspresso’s wheel of copy can help you create original and empathetic content for your prospects, leads, and even current customers.

Stay Inspired

If you’ve struggled with your sales language in the past, you may feel newly inspired by these tips. Remember to always consider the feedback of your team members, since they know best how customers are responding to this new language. Your sales language isn’t set in stone and you can continue to update it until you find an optimal message.

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