Non-Gmail Users (Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)

This article will show non-Gmail users how to set email reminders. works in more than just Gmail. If you use another email platform like Apple Mail, Outlook or Yahoo, never fear! You can easily use our most popular feature: Reminders.

Using Reminders in any Inbox

Oftentimes, you don’t need to address an email right away so you keep it in your inbox for days or weeks. It gets buried in a sea of emails and you forget about it while your emails keep piling up!

With you can easily forward your emails into the future. When you are ready for your email, it will reappear at the top of your inbox. In business, important tasks often get lost unless they are scheduled or organized. makes it easy to organize your reminders from with your existing email system so leads and tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

How to set reminders:

There are 3 ways to send reminders, using the various email addresses in your email:

To: Schedule an email reminder for yourself, or Forward an email to reappear on a future date.
Cc: Schedule a reminder for everyone included in the email.
Bcc: Schedule a reminder within an email that only you will see and receive.

Here are some basic examples of how to set reminders.

Push to the future
eg. Client says to touch base in 10 days. Use minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and/or years to schedule your reminder in the future
Upcoming hour
eg. Dinner tonight at 8pm. Use the time, with AM or PM. You can also set time with minutes or in military time format.

… or military format

Future day of the week
eg. Prep for the conference on Monday. Use the day of the week or its abbreviation

… with time

For a specific date
eg. Forward travel arrangements to appear or set a reminder for a package delivery. Use the month or its abbreviation with the day after it.

… add a time

For a recurring event (paid only feature)
eg. Remember a birthday or weekly sales meeting. Any reminder can be made recurring by either adding the word every to the beginning of the reminder OR adding an asterisk (*) to the end of the reminder. jan30-9pm*

… or day of the week

… or day of the month

Add a tag
To add a tag simply use a plus sign (+) and your tag. These reminders will be grouped on your tags page.

If you are not sure about the format of your reminder, please find our cheat-sheet for common terms.

Common Questions About Reminders

How do I cancel a reminder?

There are two ways to cancel your reminders:

The most common cancel scenario is where your recipient responds before the reminder is due. In this case, if you reply, simply place in the Bcc field, it will cancel the existing reminder on your email thread. If your recipient has responded but you don’t need to reply back, you can forward the email to and we’ll cancel the active reminder on that email thread.

You can also cancel reminders from your ‘Calendar’ or ‘Agenda’ view by logging into your account.

How can I see a list of all my pending reminders?

If you want to see all your pending reminders, please open up a new email and type in the “TO:” field:

You can also view all your reminders in ‘Calendar’ or ‘Agenda’.

How to reschedule reminders?

Once a reminder has been set, you can edit it by clicking on the reminder in your ‘Calendar’ or ‘Agenda’ page.

If a recipient responds before the reminder is due and you want to change your scheduled reminder time, you can reply with a new FollowUp in the Cc or Bcc field, this will automatically update your reminder with the new time.

A person who received an email from me, also got a invite for the reminder as well as invitation to join. Why did that happen?

A common mistake is to add your intended reminder in the CC field instead of the BCC field. Reference the chart below to make sure you are using the right field for the right reminder. If you want to include someone on a reminder and put both their email and the reminder email in the CC field, they will get invited to sign up for