Our Webinars

Intro to Best Practices

Join us for a 30-minute introduction to the basic features and settings in FollowUp.cc. Hosted by founder Chris Keller. The topics that were reviewed in this Webinar:

  • Creating Public and Private reminders
  • Set Recurring reminders
  • Seeing reminders in Outlook or Gmail Calendar
  • Adding Email Addresses to your account



Journey to Inbox Zero with Ben Rubin

If you are using FollowUp.cc, you’ve likely heard about the benefits of Inbox Zero. More clarity, less stress, fast response times, and an inbox that works for you. In this efficient 30-minute webinar you’ll learn the key skills of Inbox Zero, how FollowUp.cc can help you get there, and have the chance to ask questions about your particular challenges. Ben Rubin is the co-founder of the behaviour change startup Change Collective. He co-created the Inbox Zero course with Ari Meisel and has been coaching people to Zero since launching it.

Please allow about 30 seconds of quiet time of the recording before the webinar starts.


Mastering the Art of the Follow Up With Steli Efti

Learn how to Follow Up like a Pro! Steli shares strategies, tactics, templates and everything else you need to know to become dangerously effective with your follow up and close more deals. Hosted by Steli Efti, CEO at Close.io