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Scheduling a Private Email Reminder

One of the most powerful ways people use is in the Bcc field. This lets you send an email, as usual, and archive the contents to reappear in a reminder email for you for later. 

For example, let’s say you are a sales agent and you have a client that wants a week to review your pricing. You can send the pricing documents to your client and include in the bcc field. Your email will be sent, your reminder will be scheduled – no next step.

Your email will look like this: 


What will happen? Your email will be sent as usual, in a week your email will come back to you, it will be threaded with your reminder in your inbox. If you need more time for your response, you will be able to snooze the reminder with one click. It is that easy.

Will it work on my phone? is just an email address, so it will work on any email device or system. You do not need to login or use a special system.

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