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How To Set A Free Birthday Reminder


No one likes it when you forget a birthday; but now you can set easy and free recurring birthday reminders with Setting a recurring birthday reminder is a snap – and you can use the same method to set a email reminder for any recurring event. For daily affirmations or for yearly checkups, building recurring reminders is a simple and powerful task.

How to get started? First, use the term “every”, then add your date or time and – that’s it!


Here are some other commonly used examples for recurring reminders:

Check in with your team every day or week

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day

An annual Doctor’s checkup

Pay the rent on time with an easy reminder

If you need a nudge to work on a task until it’s done
..then cancel the reminder when it’s complete!

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How do you use recurring reminders? Let us know in the comments section below.

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